21 College School Supplies Every Freshmen Needs

It’s easy to forget the college school supplies that you actually need when shopping for dorm room essentials, meeting your roommates, and attending orientation. Pencils, notebooks, planners, etc.

There are a few differences between school supplies for college and those you’ll get in high school. It’s important to optimize your space when you don’t spend all day on campus. Poor performance can be prevented by proper preparation!

Every freshman needs the following college school supplies:

Laptop or tablet: 

Necessary for taking notes, performing research, and finishing projects. Laptops are generally favoured as they give more processing capability and versatility.

Backpack or messenger bag: 

A robust and large backpack is essential to carry textbooks, computers, and other necessities throughout the day.


A fundamental for taking notes in lectures and during study sessions.

Pens and pencils: 

Used for taking notes and completing homework.


Excellent for underlining crucial information in textbooks and notes.

Sticky notes: 

Helpful for jotting short notes and reminders, as well as marking essential pages in textbooks.

Index cards: 

Excellent for generating flashcards for studying and memory.

Whiteboard with markers: 

May be utilised for group brainstorming sessions or as a solitary study aid.

Desk lamp: 

Offers ample lighting for late-night study sessions.

Surge protector/power strip: 

Protects gadgets from power surges and gives additional outlets for charging items.

Extension cords: 

Helpful for accessing outlets that may be further distant from the workstation or bed.

Portable charger/power bank: 

Keeps gadgets charged while on-the-go, especially essential for long days on school.


Important for listening to lectures, learning in loud situations, and enjoying music during downtime.


Useful for printing out assignments and study materials.

Printer paper: 

Required for printing out papers and assignments.

Binder clips: 

Used for keeping documents and assignments organised.

Stapler with staples: 

Used for stapling together papers and assignments.


Helpful for mending or fastening papers and other items.


Required for cutting out paper and other materials.


Needed for math and scientific courses.


Used for measuring and drawing straight lines.

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